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Pain in a replaced filling, is this normal?

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Posted by: iaminpain  (10 years ago)
Two months ago, the silver filling on one of my molars fell out taking a part of the tooth with it. The dentist saw a decay behind the filling. He drilled it out and have it refilled after. After two days, I was in a horrible pain. It hurts when I bite down on anything and I now have a lot of sensitivity. Is this normal? I am planning to observe it for more days before going to the dentist again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted by: tracu45  (10 years ago)

Chances are, your composite is poorly placed (not well bonded between the teeth), there is a decay underneath the fillings again or there is an infection which was not detected during the treatment. Have a trip to your dentist again. A root canal might be needed now.

I wish you luck!
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Posted by: hatemolar  (10 years ago)
Hi Iaminpain!

If the removed decay is very close to the nerve, the nerve becomes sensitive. I think it is good to wait while. The tooth will gradually get better. If the painful sensitivity persists after a couple of days, then it's time to see your dentist again. I hope this helps.