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Orthodontic treatment must pay attention to several problems

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Posted by: easyinsmile  (7 years ago)
Compared with other dental clinical medical project,Orthodontics have more multi-functional, so patients and patients families should cause enough attention.
1, Orthodontic treatment is a long process, it demands the patients to cooperate with the doctor. Every process must follow the doctor's advice strictly, and have a regular visit.
2, Orthodontic treatment is an investment with health and beauty, it is different from buying a product, the cost are different from deformity, varieties of orthotics, patients with level, factors including age, course of treatment and so on.
3, Doctors consider the patient's request, healthy, beautiful, elements such as function, volatility in comprehensive, but can't meet all your requirements and some special interests.
4, Orthodontic is design well at the beginning of the treatment, once treating, patients can't amend it in the middle.
5, When wear orthotics at earlier day and strength it each time, teeth can feel mild reactive pain or discomfortable, but after continuing for 3 to 5 days’streatment,pain will reduce or disappear. If the pain does not reduce aggravate or appear other conditions, you should be contact with the doctor on time.
6, Patients who put in fixed orthodontic should pay attention to oral hygiene. In the morning, at noon and at night or after eating, you must brush your teeth. Clean the soft dirt and food scraps on your teeth, otherwise it is easy to effect the correction.
7, In the process of fixed orthotics, you can not eat hard, glue food, large food must be cut into piece to eat, in case of damage the orthotic
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Posted by: Jennifernew  (7 years ago)
Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that aims to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth. Orthodontic treatment can focus on dental displacement only, or can deal with the control and modification of facial growth. It is better defined as "dentofacial orthopaedics".
For this treatment, now a days the dentists use all sorts of latest technology as there is a rapid changes in the technology world. This treatment has become very common too.