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Ongoing infection after tooth extraction

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Posted by: Helenc11  (8 years ago)
Hi, here's hoping somebody can shed some light on the following:

Almost two years ago, I had a root canal performed on a molar (on the top left), which had only recently had a crown placed on it. All seemed to be ok, except that I noticed in subsequent months that the tooth seemed to have some sensitivity now and again and a sore, tender lump was appearing at the very top of the gum, above the tooth. I returned a few times to my dentist who assured me that everything was fine. He did an X-ray and showed it to me, claiming that the root canal was fine. The 'lump' he put down to just being' me'!
Eighteen months down the line, I got up for work one morning and nearly fainted in pain from the tooth. I insisted on being referred to another dentist and was seen by an Orthodontist that same week. Whilst waiting to see him, I felt nauseous, feverish and had chills all week. The Orthodontist X-rayed the tooth and immediately noticed that one of the roots to the the tooth had been previously missed and was infected!
The root canal was re-done and a few days went by without incident. Four days in, and the horrible symptoms of nausea, chills and fever returned, often disturbing my sleep so badly that I'd be awake most of the night. What little sleep I did manage was disturbed by waking up wet through with fever. I also had pain going up through the side of my face and out through the top of my head. The Orthodontist couldn't see me immediately, but his colleagues saw me, looked at the final Xray post-root canal work and couldn't understand the problem. Sent me away with a week's worth of antibiotic -Metronidazole. That didn't work, so I returned for further investigation with the Orthodontist a week later. He suggested that I may some underlying medical problem and suggested seeing my GP. To cut a long story short, I had antibiotics (Amoxycillin) from the GP, 2 lots of blood tests, chest X-ray at the hospital etc. All proved negative, despite me feeling very poorly. GP did say that it sounded as though I had 'low level' infection that doesn't always show up on blood tests. The 'lump' on the gum was so sore, that to touch it made me feel very sick. The Orthodontist seemed to find my symptoms a mystery, but as a result of my feeling so ill, he asked me if I would prefer to have the tooth out, or have a apicoectomy, to remove any possible infected tissue at the end of the root and in the gum area. I chose the latter and within 24hrs felt much better. He clearly doesn't believe in antibiotics and when I asked about them, told me he didn't think I'd need them. However, three days later, the horrible symptoms returned and I was desperate to feel well again. Finally after nearly 8 weeks of feeling dreadful, I had the tooth pulled three days ago.
The morning after the extraction, I woke up with the side of my face feeling very hot (and it looked very pink) and the nagging pain going up through my eye was back. The gum - where the apicoectomy had been carried out - felt very uncomfortable, but I expected that due to the extraction. I also had nausea and chills and bad taste in my mouth once more. I am now talking both 500mg Amoxycillin and 400mg Metronidazole, three times a day from my GP, but as I have taken both antibiotics previously, without total success, I am skeptical as to whether this will work this time around.

I am reaching my wits end with it all. I feel now as though I probably will need yet another apicoectomy to drain the infection that's still in the gum. I'm sure that this is the source of all my symptoms.

Any ideas anyone please?

Thanks you!
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by orthodontist I believe you mean Endodontist. I am sorry this has been giving you so much trouble. It sounds like you have a great team of doctors, and unfortunately everything isn't always clear in medicine (including dentistry). often times a diagnosis has to be assumed based on clinical signs and symptoms. Most likely that tooth was the source of infection and you need to give the antibiotics some time to work.
Posted 8 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: Helenc11  (8 years ago)
Hello and thanks for the reply. Yes I did mean Endodontist - I'll blame my symptoms for mental blip! Hopefully you will be proved correct and the antibiotics will finally fix the issue once and for all.