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No pain = no trouble?

User Level:
Posted by: snakeskin  (10 years ago)
It's been about 2 and a half years since Ive been to the dentists.. I think is a combination of having no problems (no pain, no grinding, no aches, no visible stains etc) and also a slight fear that its been so long :S

Are there any serious issues that can develop without pain symptoms? I don't usually go doctors unless something hurts.. a dentists opinion would be much appreciated. Should I be worried if theres no pain?

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Posted by: lucy229  (10 years ago)
I would gather its better to go every year as recommended to catch anything that could become a potential issue before it gets serious.

That being said, I once avoided going to the dentist for almost 5 years out of fear, and all was ok. I do however go once a year now.
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Posted by: manchesterred  (10 years ago)
Im also like that.. dont really like going to the doc unless absolutely neccesary. Saying that, with teeth its important to go for checkups, cause issues can develop undetected without pain. Before it develops into something serious, best to get it checked out! I used checkdent to find a good dentist in Vienna - who didnt make me feel bad for not going to the dentists for a year and a half!
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Posted by: borderline  (10 years ago)
Hi there. It's better to have a regular visit to the dentist for teeth cleaning and checkups for any possible dental problem.
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Posted by: ellilee  (10 years ago)
My dental hygienist scheduled me for a regular check-up every six months. The absence of pain does not mean you are free from any dental issues.
User Level:
Can you develop cancer with no pain? Yes, you certainly can.
Can you develop atherosclerosis with no pain? Yes!

By the time you have dental pain, you have a REALLY big problem.

So to answer your question, having no pain only means you have no pain.
Posted 9 years ago