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New crown does not match the other teeth

User Level:
Posted by: emeline  (10 years ago)

I’m very desperate and I hope you can help me.

Since I was missing two teeth in the right upper jaw, I had my dentist prepare a bridge for me. Due to the large gap, he had to cut not just the neighboring teeth, but also one of the canines so that the bridge would have a more secure hold. When the bridge was finished two weeks later, he placed it in my mouth, temporarily holding it in place with his fingers. He then briefly showed it to me in the mirror. After that, he affixed it in my mouth.

To my horror, I noticed that the canine does not match the other teeth at all! It is much more bulbous and has a totally different shape. Furthermore, it protrudes further, and when looking at it closely, you can see the dark border of the crown and feel the edge. My dentist calmed me down and said I should let myself get used to it for a couple of days and then come back.

Now my question: Can he remove the crown individually, make a new one and then reattach it to the bridge? Or does he have to remove everything together?

In my opinion, not much can be achieved by cutting down the crown. Who will bear the costs?

Many, many thanks in advance,

Your sad Emeline
User Level:
Posted by: dentaFix  (9 years ago)

You are entitled to get what you have paid for. Talk to your dentist and tell him you are not happy with your crown. Dentists ought to listen to their patients and remedy the situation at no cost.