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My crowned tooth is aching,please help!

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Posted by: amybill  (10 years ago)
Dear Checkdent,

Last year, I had one of my molars checked because it hurts when I chew. The pain is only on one specific spot and it only hurts when I chew. She said there is nothing wrong with it but she put a crown on it because she thought the teeth was cracked. However, the tooth is now extremely sensitive to hot and cold. It hurts when I put pressure on it. There is still a sharp pain when I chew. I also noticed an unpleasant taste in the spot of the tooth and a bad smell when I floss. I visited my dentist three times about this but she just ground the crown down further. Should I visit another dentist? I want to chew without any pain. I am looking forward for your suggestions.

Best Regards!
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Posted by: dragonbull  (10 years ago)
You need to see other dentist and have that area X-rayed to see the cracked line on the tooth very well.
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You should talk to your dentist and explain the extreme sensitivity to hot, cold & biting. It sounds like the nerve is going bad in this tooth in spite of the crown being done. A root canal is probably needed and you may need to see a specialist called an endodontist for this treatment. An opening will probably need to be done through the crown and then a filling will need to be done after the root canal. If you have a bad enough crack or the gum and bone support is breaking down around the tooth then it may need to be extracted. Good luck!
Posted 10 years ago
User Level:
Hello amybill!

A second opinion is always a good idea; more heads = more ideas!

Before that I would have another chat with your dentist, maybe s/he can figure out the problem.

It sounds like you have a “tooth contact error” or a leaky filling; in the very worst case a combination of the two.

All the best!
Liebe Grüße JB
Posted 10 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: amybill  (10 years ago)
Thank you for your answers. They were of great help. I sought for a second opinion and I do need a root canal treatment.

Keep it up!