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My braces hurt, please help!

User Level:
Posted by: prettyheart  (10 years ago)
I just got my braces on yesterday. They just felt a little uncomfortable at first, but after about 3-4 hours they started to become sore. I put wax on and it helped a little bit. However, today it seemed pretty bad. They felt like I had something really tight squeezing my teeth together.The pain is agonizing. I had taken two painkillers. I also rinsed my mouth with salt water. I can't eat anything. What can I do to ease the pain? How long will the braces hurt? Please help!!!
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Posted by: alex_ander  (10 years ago)
Hi there,

I'm eight weeks pregnant and last week I got on a full set of orthodontic braces. Since then I've had nothing but pain. I can only take paracetamol but it hasn't worked at all. I am being constantly sick and one of my teeth was chipped. My teeth became weak when I became pregnant. Does anyone know if there is any option to get rid of the pain rather than getting them taken off? Thank you very much. Great site by the way!
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Posted by: felonyinc  (10 years ago)
Hi prettyheart,

They're going to hurt for a few days. You can take soft foods like mash potatoes,soup,yogurt,apple sauce,ice cream. You can have soup,too.

Good luck! Just keep thinking of the result, straight teeth and an awesome smile :-)
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Posted by: Ciindy  (10 years ago)
The pain will go away but it IS uncomfortable for awhile..... motrin or naprosyn will help ease inflammation that causes pain. Try to distract yourself. Pregnancy might prevent being able to take those meds - check with OB/GYN. (from a dental staff member, not a dentist)
User Level:
Posted by: prettyheart  (10 years ago)
Thank you so much for your answers. They are helpful!
User Level:
Posted by: amaya12  (10 years ago)
The same thing happened to me. You will feel better once your jaw and teeth get used to it. I began to feel better on the third day of having them.