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Misaligned top and bottom teeth post wisdom teeth extraction

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Posted by: danNbelle  (10 years ago)
Dear all,

I have had all of my wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago. They were impacted. A day after the procedure, I was really in pain and my face was swollen. Until now, my gums are still swollen and sore. I have been eating soft foods for the past 10 days. I've went to the dentist for a post op check up and he said I should try chewing and
stretching the muscles around the extraction sites. I tried doing such thing when I reached home but it hurts, I can't stand the pain. I also noticed that my teeth seem to be misaligned, the upper and lower teeth are not meeting correctly. The top molar shifted outward and the bottom molar shifted inward. I cannot bite down all the way. It is difficult to chew.

Will my bite be realigned once the swelling in my gum is gone? If that is not the case, should I go back to the dentist? How would he fix this? I am crossing fingers that I would not have to get braces. Any information is greatly appreciated!
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