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Large filling on a second molar

User Level:
Posted by: molarsupport  (8 years ago)

I had a large cavity filled on my second molar two years ago. A few days ago, this tooth started to hurt so bad. It hurts all the way through the jaw, up to the ears and inside on the gums. The tooth is noticeably loose too. I also noticed a bump at the back side of the tooth below the gum line. It is huge but there is no pain associated to it. Any idea what could it be? Will I be losing this tooth? My appointment is in two weeks and I want to know what to expect. Thanks a lot!
User Level:
Posted by: neoncookie  (8 years ago)
Dear Molarsupport,

The tooth could have been infected. Call your dentist's office and see if you can make your appointment earlier. It should be attended to as soon as possible because the infection could spread to the jaw bone and to the other parts of the body, which could lead to complications.
User Level:
Posted by: superpain  (8 years ago)

Your tooth is infected. The toxins from the infection are making the bump on your gum. If the cavity is too big and has reached under the gum, there is nothing to be done and the tooth has to be removed.
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