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Keep the teeth or get dentures?

User Level:
Posted by: ebrapd  (10 years ago)

I became lax in my dental hygiene, which resulted in me having bad teeth. They are now giving me severe pain and infection. I went to the dentist to inquire about having all my teeth pulled and get dentures. The dentist does not want to pull my teeth. He said this is a bad idea as my teeth are so secure in the bone. He also gave me the disadvantages of dentures. Saving my teeth will include implants, crowns, root canals, extraction and scaling. It is an expensive treatment plan and I would rather get dentures. Any advice? Does anyone have success story with dentures. I would be thankful for any information.
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Posted by: Novocaine  (10 years ago)
Hey ebrapd,

While I agree with your dentist on the fact that a tooth should always be conserved in whatever way it can, I also do understand the financial aspects and the practicality of it in your case. You haven't mentioned the number of affected teeth that is in question here, nor the number of restorative procedures you were advised. But nevertheless, the combined cost of having implants, crowns, root canals and extraction is serious money. A denture would, without any doubt, be a more cheaper alternative. Do you think your insurance might help or offset any of this?

Dentures have always been pretty reliable if they were fabricated and maintained properly. Scores of people use complete/ partial dentures to their satisfaction, so you really don't have to lose sleep on that.
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Posted by: ghnane  (10 years ago)
Hello. Dentures are prosthesis best meant to repair and give people some function back in order to eat, speak, and socialize. Dentures cannot be compared to natural teeth and having your teeth taken out will result in gradual resorption of your jaw bones which means you will have to get your dentures re-fitted probably every four years. They become lose after a while.

Research shows that implant supported lower dentures provide much better stability in preventing the lower denture from dislodging. In any case please try to maintain you natural teeth and perhaps gradually obtain all the necessary work to keep your teeth. Less and less people get denture since many elderly people age with their natural dentition still intact.