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Jaw pain

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Posted by: Chappellc431  (8 years ago)
For the last couple years I have been getting progressively worsening jaw pain just on my right hand side however experience a lot of clicking on both sides. Sometimes the muscles tighten and as a result I can't open my mouth very far.

I went to visit the dentist who suggested I wear a night guard for at least 4 months to see if this would help but it seems to be making it worse.

I have only been wearing the guard a week now but I'm not sure if this is normal teething problems or whether it is actually something else causing the pain - I've never thought that I did grind my teeth or clench my jaw and the problem seems to be worse after eating not sleeping. I do have hyper mobility causing excess movement in my joints and wondered if this could be part of the problem.

Unfortunately the dentist will not refer me on until they are happy I have tried the guard for a few months.
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I think you should go to a good dentist and have a proper treatment.
Medical Tourism
Posted 8 years ago
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I think you need to go to a better dentist. Mouth guard is not the solution if you don't have clenching and grinding problem. Definitely there is some other issue in your mouth.
the simpletooth
family dentistry with purpose
Posted 8 years ago
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Jaw pain can be intense and throbbing, or mildly uncomfortable; jaw pain can occur suddenly without warning, or build up gradually over a period of time. The symptoms of jaw pain vary, and so do the causes. Understanding the cause of jaw pain is important in determining the best course of action for treatment.
Posted 8 years ago
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You should go and consult a good dentist ASAP before your pain increases and it may lead to some trouble. if you need some recommendation consult They have really good and experienced staff.
Posted 8 years ago