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Is a root canal needed for a gum infection?

User Level:
Posted by: heaven  (9 years ago)
Hello everyone!

Two months ago, I got a crown on my third molar. All seemed to be fine until last month, my gum became very sore and swollen. I also developed a large lump on the gum near the crowned molar. It was very painful so I went to my dentist to have it checked. He said I have a gum infection and he put me on antibiotics. After five days, I went back to the dentist because the pain did not go away. After looking at the Xray result, he said I need a root canal on the crowned tooth. Is this correct? Based from the tests done by my dentist on the tooth and on the neighboring teeth, they are not sensitive to hot and cold. So I am wondering if a root canal is necessary for a gum
infection. Please advice me.

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Hi heaven!

That does sound rather strange. I suggest you get a second opinion, it could be that the edge of the dental crown was not sealed tight and that led to your gum infection.

Although the antibiotics might help your symptoms in the short term, you have to determine and treat the source of the problem.

I recommend you get it looked at again, or you can upload of photo of it here, then we’ll be able to deduce more. And that leads to the question, whether a dental crown is necessary on a wisdom tooth..

In any case, all the best!
Liebe Grüße JB
Posted 9 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: heaven  (9 years ago)
Interesting post Doc! I'll definitely get a second opinion.

All the best to Checkdent team!