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Inflamed gums after temporary crown placement

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Posted by: justaskme  (9 years ago)
I have a partly decayed tooth which was crowned two weeks ago. (The tooth didn't undergo root canal treatment.) A few days after the temporary was fitted, my gums became inflamed and sore. The dentist took the temporary crown off, cleaned the area to make sure there was no cement residue left and put it back on. A week after, my gums are still red and inflamed around the edges of the crown. I noticed bleeding when I floss around the crowned tooth. I also started to have some pain on the tooth. I have been rinsing with salt water but it does not seem to be helping.

The dentist doesn't seem to know what this is and is referring me to a specialist next week. He does not want to put the permanent crown on until my gums are settled because it will be hard to take it off if the gum problems continue. Has anyone had the same problem with their gums after crown placements? Please share how did your dentist deal with it.

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Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)
Gum irritation post temporary crown may be due to the crown itself. If it invades into your gingiva or is over contoured it will inflame your gums. Your dentist should look at the margins closely. It is good idea to wait with the placement of the final crown until you resolve your gum issue.
Your tooth was traumatized because of the cavity then after the preparation and temporary crown placement. It needs time to settle down.

If the cavity was deep and there was pulpal exposure you may be offered root canal treatment before the final crown to resolve the main.
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Posted by: Monty42  (4 years ago)
I received a temporary crown a couple weeks ago and have been having severe gum pain below the location of the crown. I can't floss between the back of the crown because its position too close to the adjacent tooth. The dentist directed me not to floss but that seems illogical if food it stuck between the teeth and gums. I went back to the dentist and they said they clean around the gum line and remove some food particles and they explained that the area begin to bleed. They polished the crown and sent me on my way. I am two weeks away from my appointment for the permanent crown placement but I continue to be in extreme pain along the gum line. I am taking 600 mg Motrin to ease my pain. It feels like the temporary crown is position incorrectly, and I feel that I should be able to gently floss between that tooth(even though the dentist said do not. I think food debris it stuck in that area and is causing me a lot of pAin. I schedule an emergency appointment with my dentist.