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Infection with new dental crown

User Level:
Posted by: kathryn  (10 years ago)
Good day!

Right after I got the crown on my upper left molar, I began to experience insufferable pain in my jaw. I had a lot of swelling on the gum area beside the tooth. Pain meds helped temporarily. Two weeks had already passed but I am still in pain and my gum is still sore. Sometimes, my head is paining, too. The tooth below it has also been aching lately. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Am I showing signs of infection?

I would be grateful for your answers!
User Level:
Posted by: dentalhealth  (10 years ago)
The crowned tooth might be infected and you may need to undergo root canal treatment. Have a visit to your dentist. He'll be able to decide for the best possible treatment.
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Dear Kathryn!

Sometime when preparing a dental crown you have to dig very deep, and that can lead to slight complications in the gums. As a result, sometimes patients wont clean the area as thoroughly due to the pain, this further exacerbates the situation, potentially leading to more infection.

Nevertheless, the cause could also be due to the dental crown itself, perhaps the treatment was not flawlessly executed, or it is not watertight for example. I suggest you clean the area very thoroughly, even if it bleeds and hurts slightly; if there is no improvement after 3 days then visit your dentist.

Additionally, have a look at the videos “Groove Cut” and “Gingivitis”, then you should understand how it all ties together.

All the best!
Posted 10 years ago
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Posted by: kathryn  (10 years ago)
Thank you very much. I will then wait for a few more days more to see how it works.
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Posted by: whiteteeth  (10 years ago)

After I got my crown, I was also into a terrifying pain. After two weeks, I went back to the dentist who said the root canal has to be redone.