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Infected tooth, can I have it pulled?

User Level:
Posted by: scooter19  (9 years ago)
Dear Checkdent,

You have a great site here:-)

About a year ago, I hit something on my cheek,and it cracked one of my back teeth. I did not have it checked by the dentist at that time because it did not hurt at all. However, last week, it became infected with an abscess.The pain was horrible so I finally went to the dentist. He prescribed me antibiotic and painkiller. He said, I need a root canal and a crown or an extraction with an implant. However, I cannot afford any of these right now. I am wondering if I can just have the tooth pulled without having an implant. If the antibiotic clears the infection, do I still need to have it pulled?

I am looking forward for your advices!
User Level:
Hello scooter!

The antibiotics will only treat your symptoms and not the “cause” of the problem.

It seems your dental nerve was damaged/died due to your accident; the dead tissue is now causing an abscess in the bone.

A root canal is most likely necessary!
Liebe Grüße JB
Posted 9 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: wheat34  (9 years ago)
Hi Scooter,

You need to get the tooth fixed to avoid recurrent infection. If there is no deeper issue with your tooth, then you can have it pulled without an implant, that is if you can live without your back tooth. I just got my molar extracted ( without an implant) a week ago. It is much cheaper and there is no much pain after the first day.
User Level:
Posted by: enamel  (9 years ago)
Hi Scooter!

You can have a root canal to save the tooth. You can also have it extracted and have a partial denture to replace the tooth. If there is a gap, the teeth beside it might move.
User Level:
Posted by: synops  (9 years ago)
It seems there is a bacteria build up in the area which causes a recurrent infection. Have it fixed as soon as
possible. I recommend a root canal and crown to save the tooth.
User Level:
Posted by: scooter19  (9 years ago)
Thank you for the advices. Have a nice day:-)