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Infected tooth after a crown

User Level:
Posted by: foodchain  (8 years ago)
Good day! I am new here and this is my first post. I hope you could help me.

I got my crown fitted on my premolar about a month ago. On the next day, I was in a great deal of pain. I rang my dentist about this and he said it was pretty normal and I will be fine in the next few days. I decided to give it a week but on the fourth day I can no longer bear the pain. I booked an emergency appointment. The dentist took an X-ray of the tooth and the image showed that the gum was infected. He put me on antibiotics for one week. When I finished the antibiotics, I went back to him to check if I am already clear of infection. He said the infection seemed untreated due to an old root that was not fully cleared up and he need to remove the crown and extract the tooth. Is this correct? I am quite depressed that after trying to save the tooth, I will still end up loosing it. Please advice me on what to do. I am thinking of going to another dentist. Thank you!
User Level:
Posted by: raffy23  (8 years ago)
I recommend seeing an endodontist to see what he thinks of this.

Gathering several opinions wouldn't hurt, it does not necessarily mean that other dentists are wrong, they just have different ways to approach a problem.
User Level:
Posted by: bluesky  (8 years ago)
I had a similar experience. After a root canal and a crown, it was not diagnosed that the tooth was cracked and unknowingly the infection had gone into my jaw. I ended up losing the tooth.

You can still get an infection after the tooth in question is fixed. In cases like this, the tooth must go.
User Level:
Posted by: redrocket  (8 years ago)
Hello Foodchain!

The infection/decay may have reached below the gum line which makes the tooth not repairable thus the need of extraction.