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Impacted wisdom tooth

User Level:
Posted by: ladderstep  (8 years ago)
Dear Doctor,

During my usual dental cleaning (every 6 months), the dentist checked my other teeth for any potential problems. He told me, my upper right wisdom tooth is impacted and needs to be removed. I thought it's not necessary to remove it since it's symptom-free and I told the dentist I would wait until it will eventually bother me. Another reason why I declined to have it removed was because I am basically nervous about the procedure.

Lately, the gum tissue around this wisdom tooth had swelled and it has become very painful. It's giving me severe headache.Two days ago, I visited the dentist and told him I am now ready and willing to have the tooth extracted. He referred me to an oral surgeon.

The oral surgeon after taking some x-rays said my wisdom tooth is very close to the nerve, if the tooth is pulled, there is a possibility that I will have permanent numbness on my lips and tongue, fractured jaw and other possible complications. He said we can go ahead with the extraction or we can bring the pain, swelling and infection down with antibiotics and painkillers. I opted to cure the swelling and infection. It's been two days now since I started taking the antibiotics but the swelling is still pretty bad.

My questions are, if the swelling in my gum is gone and the infection is cleared, will the gum recede away from the wisdom tooth making it more comfortable in its place? Is there anything else I can do to let the wisdom tooth come through? I want to avoid the extraction as much as possible considering the awful possible complications enumerated by the oral surgeon.

Thank you very much for your help.
User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (8 years ago)
Dear ladderstep, I am sorry to hear about your discomfort. Since your tooth is impacted it is very unlikely that it will erupt naturally. The treatment outcome and your antibiotic intake all depend on your bodies reaction to the infection. There is no guarantee that that tooth won't cause any problems after infection subsides. Is your impacted wisdom tooth impinging on your molar? make sure it won't compromise your last molar. There are always dire consequences to having wisdom teeth extracted since they are lodged so close to important nerves. You can consider consulting with a different oral surgeon. Meanwhile try to keep the area as clean as possible and rinse often.