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I'm 21 and I have 10 missing teeth since I was born!

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Posted by: mooody  (9 years ago)
I'm 21 years old and I have 10 missing teeth as the x-ray shows. there are many spaces in my mouth and this matter has affected my life in different manners.

4 out of the 10 teeth are the last four teeth ( wisdom teeth) so that's not an issue. However the other 6 teeth are the following:

- Upper right and left Laterals
- Lower right and left Laterals
- Lower right and left 2nd Bicuspids

The upper teeth are aligned correctly without visible spaces and there is no sign of missing teeth BUT the Cuspids are next to the central incisors so that's wired and not good looking.

The lower teeth have many spaces and they are not aligned and I notice they are moving like every 1-2 years they are not at the same place as the were before. What make them worse is that I still have one baby tooth (cuspid) on the left side so the lower teeth are not somehow in the correct position despite the fact I have missing teeth and spaces.

I have not seen a dentist for almost 4 years now simply because I did not have enough money for any procedure but I am in college now and I have been saving some money from my after school jobs and I can apply for a loan to get my teeth fixed.

I want to fix my smile to the best and I want to have the best replacements that become available in 2011, I'm still young. I can get a loan for up to $20,000 but I must fix my teeth before I could start a real life.

This issue has affected my relationships and my ability to communicate well. I don't feel embraced with the people I live with but I don't have the motivation to start talking to any new person if not necessary. I'm a funny person but I can't be happy with everybody I meet because I don't feel confident to talk in front of them.

My parents should have fixed my teeth since I was younger in mid school or something before I go to college. Now that I'm grown and I realized how important it is to fix my teeth as soon as possible since after a small research I made about implants and braces the procedure might take a long time. I'm going to graduate from college in 2 years and I can't do any job interviews after I graduate with this teeth because they make me look unprofessional guy although I'm good at what I'm studying at college.

So my question now what are my options and the estimated cost?
- Do I need to get 6 implants (2 up and 4 down)? I want to have perfect teeth and I will try to provided the money to get that. I don't want temporarily solutions or not perfect look.

- I don't have enough spaces between the upper teeth; can they be pushed back since I don't have wisdom teeth to create space for two implants in the upper jaw to replace the missing teeth?

- Is it possible to get invisalign to align the lower and upper teeth? or do I have to go with the regular braces? Is there a white colored braces that are not too much visible and make me look like a 12 years old boy?

User Level:
Dear mooody!

First of all congratulations, you are on the right path; you are informing yourself about the situation which is the first step to rehabilitation of your dental problems.

Presumably there are various methods of treatment for your dentures; I would look around for several different opinions, especially from ordinations where there are several experts working together.

Dental braces plus veneers would be one option, eventually, braces and dental implants – depending on the circumstances.

I would get 3-4 different offers and then start the treatment at the place where you felt most comfortable.

All the best!
Posted 9 years ago
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Posted by: mydesire  (9 years ago)

I also lost most of my teeth. My dentist gave me dental implants and everything's fine now. I got my self-confidence back.:-)