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I need help with my cracked tooth

User Level:
Posted by: spines  (9 years ago)
Good day!

One of my molars cracked last month. The crack runs vertically down the center. My dentist took an X-ray but he couldn't see it very well because of the filling in the tooth. He said the filling
needs to be removed so he can look further. Since it's not hurting before, I decided to leave it.
Yesterday, I noticed that the tooth is aching a bit. I feel like there are food particles stuck in it. I can't floss around this tooth because I am afraid that it will totally break. My dentist
booked me in two weeks. Is it okay to wait this long? I am worried that the tooth will get infected. An emergency dentist is not covered by my insurance. What can I do to prevent the tooth from getting infected?

I do really appreciate your help!
User Level:
Posted by: jenanne  (9 years ago)
Good day spines!

Vertically cracked tooth will not show up in the X-ray images. The dentist will inspect it by letting you bite on a cotton wool or anything similar. Since you are experiencing sensitivity/pain on the tooth, I guess it was really cracked. I recommend having this treated right away because if the crack goes too deep, you will be losing the tooth.
User Level:
Posted by: cloudone  (9 years ago)
An exposed nerve or an abscess might be causing the pain. You can rinse with warm water with salt to keep it clean. This helps in preventing infection. Visit your dentist as soon as possible to have this attended to as it will get worse if left untreated. If it is slightly cracked, the dentist can put in composite bonding material. If the crack is close to the never, he may recommend a root canal and a cap. If it is badly damaged and cannot be repaired anymore, they may extract the tooth.
User Level:
Posted by: amybell  (9 years ago)
Hi Spines,

Do not use the side of your mouth with the broken tooth for chewing. Avoid sugary foods. Brush regularly and if flossing is a problem, you can try the water flosser. Infection is caused by bacteria so make sure your teeth are cleaned to avoid bacteria from getting in.