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I have periodontitis? HELP!!

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Posted by: angryt  (8 years ago)
I have had persistent pain with my teeth, several visits to the dentist, and xrays and my dentist says I have good oral health. No problems.

In more pain I went back and my usual dentist was on holiday and this other dentist saw me and did xrays and told me I have infection in my gums, it's worse in the lower right, but it's everywhere. He showed me xrays with "Pockets?" I looked this up and this is periodontitis right?

But how? I clean my teeth regularly, I use mouth wash. And this would have to be going on a while right? During a recent pregnancy, I suffered a severe complication, and was on metranidazole (flagl) for 3 weeks (once I stopped taking I went into labour and lost my baby)!!! Surely this would have cleared this infection since I have just been prescribed metranidazole now by the dentist. This was only 4 months ago, how could it not have been cleared up by 3 weeks of antibiotics?

My gums don't bleed ever, but I do have bad tooth pain.

How could my dentist, and other dentists have missed this? I've been having tooth pain for AGES!

I'm sort of in shock a bit, especially as I work hard at keeping my teeth clean.

Also he says he is going to do a deep clean and scale next week, and I'm guessing this is going to hurt? Is it safe during pregnancy, because I "may" be pregnant by that point (bit early to know for sure).

Sorry for the long post!
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Posted by: she_he  (8 years ago)

Existing gingivitis can be aggravated by the increased levels of certain hormones during pregnancy, so it is important for expectant mothers to receive regular professional cleanings during pregnancy. Women with gum disease who had undergone scaling and root planing had a lower rate of preterm birth than women who received only professional cleaning.
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Posted by: notreallypainful  (8 years ago)
Hi Angryt,

Regular trips to the dentist can help you avoid preterm labor caused by a gum disease. Deep cleaning does not hurt and it is safe for your unborn child.