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I have a bad infection, please help!

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Posted by: dentallab  (9 years ago)
Hello everyone!

One week ago, I noticed my gums were swollen. I did not have time to have it checked then because I was busy at work, but yesterday, I woke up with a swollen face so I rushed to the dentist. It turned out, I have a bad infection. She gave me a massive dose of antibiotic which I should take for a week. I already took the medicine but few hours had already passed and my mouth is still very sore. I cannot eat and drink. Could anyone suggest some ways on to deal with this, please! I do not know what to do.

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Posted by: Ciindy  (9 years ago)
pain meds - ask for pain meds..... the antibiotics will take about 24 hours to start to work on the infection and help control pain. Even then, with a bad infection, it could take awhile to control the infection. I would recommend dealing with the source of the infection after the 24 hours has passed. If you need a root canal, schedule one after the 24 hr period. The pressure that infection creates is probably the cause of the infection and a root canal - if it's an infection from the nerve, may relieve the pressure.

There is a procedure called an open & drain where they drill the tooth to allow the infection to drain out from the inside of the roots. that relieves the pressure/pain - if that is what the cause of the pain is.
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Posted by: missme  (9 years ago)
Hi dentallab,

I am sorry for your pain:-(

The antibiotics will start working after 24 hours of taking them. Use heating pad on the swollen area and rinse with warm salt water. Be faithful in taking your antibiotics.
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Posted by: fotograf  (9 years ago)
In order to treat an infection, you have to address the source of the infection. Antibiotics are given for 7 to 10 days. It takes 1 to 2 days to start working so be patient with it. This helps manage the swelling and it kills off the bugs causing the infection.