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Hydrogen Peroxide

User Level:
Posted by: Aysurvive  (10 years ago)

Hi all!

I am recovering from bulimia. I really wanted to whiten my teeth because they looked yellowish due the acid that came up from my stomach. I have been using whitening toothpaste but I can’t see favorable result. My friend told me that hydrogen peroxide can be used to whiten teeth.

Has anyone used this before? How effective it is in whitening the teeth? How often should I use it? I would look forward for your input. Thank you very much in advance.
User Level:
Posted by: Novocaine  (10 years ago)
Most whitening toothpastes in the market have hydrogen peroxide as its main ingredient. They are usually mild and have additional abrasives included in them. So, if you don't find them strong/ effective enough, you could probably try commercial whitening strips (or home based whitening systems) which could work out a lot better than the paste. Otherwise, it's back to your dentist for a professional whitening treatment where he/ she will use high-strength bleach gels, cure it with laser, et al. Now, veneering is a chemical-free procedure but it is insanely expensive.

Back to your question - A popular method is to mix 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution with Baking Soda powder and use it as a paste to brush with, once a day. Do not expect any drastic results, it will never happen.

Having said all that, since you are recovering from bulimia, I would NEVER recommend any kind of chemical (peroxide-based) bleaching products. They are known to erode and strip enamel and cause sensitivity. In your case, I'm not sure how much your teeth has been impacted by acid degeneration but I would still advise you to steer clear from such unless you have a dentist examine your teeth and prescribe one.

If you are really adamant about this, Arm & Hammer's Whitening Plus Booster with Enamel Strengthening could be a feasible option. Good luck!!