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How to care for the a tooth when the filling fell out?

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Posted by: pepsteradik  (9 years ago)
Hello everyone,

I got a filling on one of my molars two months ago. The filling fell out 5 days ago while I was eating. I am not in pain and I do not see anything exposed, only a hole. I do not have enough money to redo it now, not in a month. Anyone who have been into this? What should I do to minimize the damage 'til I can see the dentist? Please help!

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Posted by: poshnails  (9 years ago)

It is important to see your dentist after a filling falls out. Book an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible. Brush and floss around the tooth. Keep food out of the hole as this can cause infection. Do not chew on that side of your mouth.
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Posted by: RobRyan  (9 years ago)
I would also like to mention that swirling mouthwash around the affected tooth calms down the aching if the tooth starts to irritate you.
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Hi pepsteradik!

It is crucial that you brush your teeth very thoroughly, make sure the area stays very clean and no food gets stuck in there, so there is no risk of caries developing.

A filling will usually not fall out without reason, normally it occurs if a tooth is already affected by caries and the filling becomes loose.

Long story short, you need to visit a dentist urgently! Moreover, you run the risk of damaging your dental nerve as long as the dentine is exposed – this could potentially require root canal treatment.

Maybe you can work out an instalment plan with your dentist to solve this problem. As it is only a filling I’m sure you’ll be able to reach a compromise.

All the best!
Posted 9 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: pepsteradik  (9 years ago)
I am grateful for all your answers. I'll ask my dentist if he will agree with the installment plan. I hope he will or I hope to find a dentist who offers such deal.