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Hello Everyone!

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a diet for good oral health have few basic rules:

1. To reduce the intake of carbohydrates because they are a nourishment for caries-causing bacteria
2. Every time we eat carbs our pH in mouth lowers. After that out saliva evens the pH (it works as a buffer). Lower pH (averagely between 5,4-6,4) is a better enviroment for caries-causing bacteria. So not only the amount of carbs but also the frequency matters. We should not eat carbohydrates frequently during the day (2-3 times/day is a natural thing but 6-7 times/day is not healthy) and it is even more important that daily intake.
3. Acidic drinks (ex. coca-cola, some juices, wine)cause an erosion which is a destruction of enamel but it's origin does not come from bacteria. Don't overuse this sort of drinks.
4. Don't forget to floss :)

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Posted 4 years ago
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Posted by: kikofra1  (4 years ago)

much of information about bad food for teeth refers sugar has the principal enemy of oral health, but you refer the carbon hidrates...

so the carbohydrates are worst than sugars?
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Hi there!

Carbohydrates is also a substance of sugar therefore both of them same can cause worst to our teeth if they'll not be remove as soon as possible in our teeth areas. However, There are worse foods than candy or sugar to cause tooth decay. If you're the kind who never brushes your teeth, then you'd be better off avoiding potato chips and raisins.

The reason is that sugar doesn't rot your teeth. Surprised to hear that? Tooth decay is caused by acid-producing bacteria in your mouth that feast on carbohydrates, be it sugar from candy or starch from wholesome foods such as bread. Potato chips and raisins cling to your teeth, giving the bacteria something to savor. But a simple chocolate bar can get washed away naturally with saliva. The faster a food is removed, the less chance it will have to feed bacteria and cause decay.
Posted 4 years ago