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Gum split from difficult extraction

User Level:
Posted by: DarwinismyHomeboy  (10 years ago)
I am 36 years old and last week i had all 4 four of my wisdom teeth extracted, as well as the 2nd molar on the bottom right (#31) which was damaged by a horizontally impacted wisdom tooth.

The extractions of the wisdom teeth went pretty easily from what I was told (I was out cold), but the molar extraction was pretty rough. The oral surgeon told me he it broke and had to be sectioned to remove. He also performed a socket preservation, as I requested because I plan to have an implant replace my 2nd molar. As a result, I now have a split that runs lengthwise on the top ridge of the gum between the wisdom tooth and the molar sockets.

I went for my followup appointment this afternoon and they said everything looks really good, especially considering the difficulty they had with the molar. They removed the stitches from the molar socket and everything appeared okay. However, I was eating my dinner this evening and felt my gum open up all the way between the two sockets (about an inch or a little more). I checked it out and I was right. The entire outside flap (toward the cheek) opens up like a payload bay door on the Space Shuttle! Sorry... best description i can think of.

I am planning on calling to be seen ASAP. But I am wondering if I have to worry about this flap of gum "dying" and being lost for good! Would it regenerate at all? It doesnt just flop open as though its hanging on by a thread, but it doesnt resist much at all either. But I am worried about blood flow. For the moment, the color looks okay.

Any insight is appreciated.
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Posted by: ghnane  (10 years ago)
Hello. The reopening of the flap is medically referred to as wound dehiscence. It may due to premature suture removal or perhaps trauma if you were consuming hard food. Your best option is to go back to the surgeon and have them re-suture the flap in order to wound healing. Oral cavity heals faster and oral epithelium grows 0.5mm/day from both edges of the wound. Meanwhile please maintain good oral hygiene and rinse with antibacterial mouth washes. I hope this helps. Best of luck!