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Gum pain or nerve damage?

User Level:
Posted by: 6times6  (9 years ago)

I recently got a crown on one of my upper teeth due to minor decay. Since then, I have been having mild to severe pain in my gums. I have been to the dentist three times to have this looked at but he cannot see anything wrong. No problem showed on the x-ray and all the tests he had conducted turned well. I decided to see another dentist.

The new dentist said I have a periodontal disease and the pain in my gums could have something to do with the pockets in my teeth or it could be due to nerve damage caused by excessive drilling on the tooth when the crown was done. He said we will try to give the tooth some time to settle and if the problem continues after two weeks, I will go back to him for a root canal treatment.

Has anyone had similar experience? How long does it take for the pain caused by nerve damage to go away? Is the dentist liable for this? Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.
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Posted by: mdhola  (9 years ago)
Pain after crown might be because of several reasons.

Did you had pain when you got your temporary crown??
-- if answer is not, then probably your nerve inside tooth should be fine and you might not need root canal.
-- if yes then you can suspect nerve damage

Does it bothers more when you chew with that crown? or in other words do you feel that crowned tooth is touching first when you bite on teeth?
-- if answer is yes, then probably your crown might be little bit high and might need minor adjustment.

Do you have more sensitivity when drink cold or hot water?
-- if yes, then your crown might be short and there might be chances of little gap through which saliva is sipping. This type of symptoms might also be associated with periodontal pain also.

hope it will help you!