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Getting dentures at 25

User Level:
Posted by: Atikus  (6 years ago)
Dear everyone,

I have bad teeth since my teens. I am now 25 years old. I have been in pain for years. I have had multiple root canals, and I've had a lot of fillings and crowns done as well but they still bother me. I finally decided to get all the upper teeth extracted and will get dentures to replace them. I was then scheduled for a multiple teeth extraction and immediate dentures will be put in right after.

I am having a hard time accepting the fact that at such a young age, I would be losing my teeth. I am grieving at the thought that in a few days, I would already be seeing myself with false teeth. I am feeling very depressed about this. Does anyone have tips on how can I go through this tough time?

What can I do to get used to my dentures as quickly as possible. What are the foods that I can eat with them ? How long do dentures can last? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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Posted by: ghnane  (6 years ago)
Hello. I am sorry to hear about your discomfort and distress. For your lower dentures opt for implant supported ones which give you great retention so that your tongue does not displace your lower denture. Dentures may be uncomfortable in the beginning and you may have several trip to your dentist for adjustments. Since your are so young you may be a great candidate for implants with good amount of bones in your jaws, but that is up to your finances.

Dentures are usually good for 4 years because after losing teeth your jaws go through remodeling and with time your dentures will fit loosely so then you will have to get new ones.

It is important to clean your dentures and often take them out and examining your oral mucosa to make sure your oral tissues are healthy. You will become used to them with time. You are recommended to avoid hard to chew food and sticky substances/candy.