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Fractured Tooth

User Level:
Posted by: ellilee  (9 years ago)
Dear Doctor,

I had a fractured tooth which was patched up with a filling a year ago. Last month I began to notice that this tooth is acting up again. It has been aching and my gum has been constantly sore and tender. My dentist did an X-ray but he could not find anything from the result. He asked me to give it a few days more until it manifests into something more.

I went to another dentist who put me on antibiotics because I had a sinus infection at that time. He also performed another X-ray but just like the first one, the result seemed fine. I noticed that my gums felt relieved while I am on antibiotics. Does this mean I have a gum infection? What can I do now? What are the consequences if I'll ask the dentist to remove the filling and drill away the tooth to check for infection?

Please help!
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Your request to take out the old filling and do a direct examination is exactly what I would do next. Rarely will a fracture show up on X-Ray. If the fracture is above the bone you will have the symptoms you are describing. If it goes into the pulp or center of the tooth the prognosis is horrible. Root Canal Therapy doesn't work very well for fractured or cracked teeth. Within a week or two I will post a few photo's and additional information on the blog in my web site
Posted 9 years ago
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Hello ellilee!

Sounds to me like the affected tooth is in the upper jaw, and also may have had root treatment.

The antibiotics will temporarily fight your symptoms; the maxillary sinusitis and the gum infection will get better, however you can have a reoccurrence of the inflammation – what you need to do is treat the source of the problem.

The cause of your dental problem could be due to the root treatment being performed incorrectly.

Ideally you should visit an endodontist – one specialising in root treatment, s/he should be able to advise you further.

All the best!
LG M.C. Hurtarde
Posted 9 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: ellilee  (9 years ago)
Thanks Checkdent Team!

I now know what to ask my dentist when I go back there next week, to do a direct examination underneath the fillings to find out the real cause of these problems. Have a great day!
User Level:
Posted by: iamworried  (9 years ago)

If the filling is removed and the dentist drills away the tooth, you might end up with a root canal treatment.