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Facial nerve pain

User Level:
Posted by: Carol_lyn  (8 years ago)
Dear Doctor,

When my top wisdom teeth came in, they created a pressure and crowding problem. After two weeks, I developed nerve pain in my face. When I bite down, I feel something like an electric shock in my cheek bone area. After few more days, the pain becomes worse. I even get pain when I chew. After another week it became so bad, it hurt whenever I swallow. I finally decided to see a dentist.

The dentist said, it looked like my wisdom teeth were infected and my gums were swollen. He put me on antibiotics for a week and asked me go to an oral surgeon after to have the teeth extracted.

After a week, I went to the oral surgeon for extraction. He had difficulty pulling my tooth out from the top right side because of its hooked roots. The one on the left side came out easily. After the extraction sites were packed with gauze, I tried to bite down and I felt facial pain. The anesthesia was still in effect during that time. I informed the oral surgeon about it and he said to give it week; the pain will go away eventually. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t. It has been the fifth days since the extraction and I still have facial pain even if I take painkillers. It goes up to my eye and on my head.

Does anyone know what could this be? Is it a damage caused by the wisdom teeth? If so, will it go away or is it permanent? Please tell me what to do. I would look forward for any information you can give me. Thanks so much. :-)
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Posted by: mdhola  (8 years ago)
Usually complete healing of extraction socket takes from 7-10 days. I would advise you to visit your dentist as sometimes persistence of infection can cause pain at extraction site.

Other reason might be something called "dry socket" which might develop at extraction site because of lack of blood clot formation at the extraction site. Dry socket can be develop due to many reasons like smoking, forceful gargle, use of anything that create suction in your mouth can also cause dry socket which is kind of similar pain as you mention. Such kind of pain might need local placement of medication and/or oral antibiotics. Please visit your oral surgeon for more accurate diagnosis of your condition.