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Extreme pain after all molars filled

User Level:
Posted by: teamgreen (Moderator)  (9 years ago)
On my preliminary check-up, I was told that all my molars have cavities and needed to be filled. When my teeth were filled, I felt extreme pain and discomfort. Each time I go in to see the dentist, he would remove excess filling and re-shape my teeth, which worked in the beginning but did not already worked after a few visits. I was put on Advil routinely for 5 days but this did not help me also. My dentist suggested root canals should the pain persist. My questions are: Is the pain attributed to the excess fillings? Is the dentist responsible to ensure that my “bite” is correct after doing work on my teeth? The dentist doesn’t seem to do his job well enough, is he at fault? What do I do?
User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)
Hello Teamgreen,

With all your molars restored your teeth sustained trauma both from caries and then from removal and restoration of the teeth. The is possible to experience pain which should eventually decline given the fillings were done properly and your bite has not changed.

If the cavities were deep and resulted in exposure of the pulp during excavation than it is likely that a root canal treatment would be needed to alleviate the pain.

Yes it is the dentist's responsibility as a health care provider to ensure quality of work done. If you have concerns with the dentist's competency I would suggest for you to seek a second opinion before you agree to go ahead with the root canal treatments.

I hope this helps.