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Effects of lemons on my teeth

User Level:
Posted by: kaktus53  (10 years ago)
Dear Doctor,

It's a great site, congratulations!

I love eating lemons with salt but I only do it once in a while. I also love lemonade ( juice of lemons mixed with honey and water) and grapefruits. I read somewhere that these can damage my tooth enamel. My teeth are a little bit
transparent at the bottom and I wonder if this is already the effect of the lemons. Is there anything I can do before or after eating them to protect my teeth?

Thank you in advance.
User Level:
Posted by: modesty  (10 years ago)
Yes, eating lemons or any acidic food for that matter can corrode your teeth. This can really do some damage to people with lesser amount of calcium. You do not have to stop though, just make sure you brush your teeth after eating them.
User Level:
Posted by: lucy229  (10 years ago)
wow, i never knew that. Guess I'll lay off the citrus
User Level:
Dear kaktus!

Transparent cutting edges can be a sign of increased acidity; it is often seen in bulimia patients.

You should try not to consume acidic foods on separate occasions throughout the whole day; it is better to consume such foodstuffs only once, so your mouth has a chance to regain the "normal" or neutral PH-value.

Your saliva is a counteractive agent, ie. acts as a buffer, but even that takes time. If you repeatedly take in acidic foods throughout the day, it can overload your saliva.
LG M.C. Hurtarde
Posted 10 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: kaktus53  (10 years ago)
Thanks a lot for your answers. They are informative and thorough:-)
User Level:
Posted by: roach66  (10 years ago)
Yes indeed, very helpful information. I enjoy eating sweets so much (especially sours) but I guess I will have to cut down my intake now!