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Dry Mouth From Sjogren's Syndrome

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Posted by: Tom_aaron  (9 years ago)
Hi all,

A few months ago, I visited a doctor because I was bothered by my dry eyes and really dry mouth. After doing several tests I have been diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome. It has affected my oral health and I now have bad breath. It is really very embarrassing, I do not know what to do with it.

Does anyone with Sjogren's syndrome have bad breath? How did you help with this? I would appreciate any input!
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Posted by: Manchy  (9 years ago)
Bad breath in your case is more likely to be due to having dry mouth but it worth paying a visit to your dentist to make sure it's the dryness and nothing else. If the dryness was the cause, then try to:
- chew a sugar free-gum (it's important that it doesn't contain sugars cz u r more susceptible to decay) this will stimulate your saliva production.
- Stay away from sucking citrus food (i.e lemon) as this might encourage tooth surface loss (erosion)
- Mouth washes could be helpful in your case but try to use them at different times to your brushing.
- Brush at least twice a day once in the morning and once before you go to bed and do NOT rinse your mouth after brushing , just spit out the excess.
- Drink water to keep you dehydrated.
- Make sure you arrange an appointment to the dentist as he might consider prescribing salivary substitutes(your dentist will determine if you need them) and examine your gum and teeth. Because your salivary production is impaired, you are considered to be at high risk of getting gum disease a teeth decay, your dentist with be able to suggest some ways on how to lower the chances of that happening.
I hope that helps,
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Posted by: Tom_aaron  (9 years ago)
Great answer, Manchy! It is very helpful. Thanks:-)
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Posted by: luanbear  (9 years ago)
Those who are suffering from xerostomia (dryness of the mouth due to salivary gland dysfunction) are prone to halitosis and dental decay. Frequent teeth cleanings by a dental hygienist is important in this case. At-home topical fluoride application is also helpful to make the enamel stronger.