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User Level:
Posted by: coffeeaddict  (9 years ago)
Hello everyone,

I've had dental issues for years and I ended up having all of my teeth extracted. I am waiting for
my gums to fully heal and get dentures later.

Are there things I can do to adjust quickly and easily with dentures on? Can somebody give me some tips, please?

I would be greatful for your answers!
User Level:
Posted by: melissa  (9 years ago)
Hello Coffeeaddict,

When you have your dentures on, make sure your dentures fit properly so you can be able to eat anything.
User Level:
Posted by: rootcanalpain  (9 years ago)
I am sorry for your loss:-(

When you get your dentures for the first time, eat foods that you can chew easily then move to more difficult foods gradually.Always avoid sticky foods and gum. I hope this helps!