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Dentist plans on pulling all my top teeth and then dentures?

User Level:
Posted by: spudzz  (7 years ago)
So, long story short. My teeth are slowly leaving my mouth, mostly periodontal issues and usual decay. He has gotten the molds and all made and looks like i will be going in a week or two to have my remaining teeth pulled.

I don't really want to have them pulled though! Granted, my smile is not the best however I could care less... and I can still chew (on one side). So, practically speaking, I am still functional so I am trying to figure out why he is pushing me to get full upper denture and lower bridge work now. I was happy without that.

On top, the teeth I have left right now are...

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 15 (so he is planning on puling all these in one sitting and sticking the denture on same visit)

Lower I have

32, 28 though 20 and 18, 17

He is warning me about the antibiotics that I have taken a lot of every time I get a tooth impacted which he ultimately pulls anyway... my only question is, why does he keep prescribing strong antibiotics why didn't he just pull the tooth to begin with? Is there some dental rule that says you can't pull a patient's hurting tooth, they have to be put on antibiotics and painkillers for a few days first?

Maybe I am over reacting, and I am going to just love the denture. However right now I am thinking this is WAY to aggressive dentistry... I was hoping to just keep losing teeth until I can't chew and THEN I can worry about the dentures. In other words, do the minimum amount of dentistry to keep the tooth around... (and since I am not filthy rich I can't afford all the fancy stuff anyway)... and cross the denture bridge when you finally are forced to.

Any thoughts out there? thanks
User Level:
Hello... As a patient and as the owner of your teeth you have every right to defer treatment having understood the pros and cons of that decision. Also barring hopeless teeth with active infections there are ways and means to maintain teeth in the mouth. All infections need not be approached aggressively. However the alternative treatment plan if any can only be formulated after careful clinical and radiographic examination.

If you are very keen to save your teeth and your current dentist does not want to entertain such a possibility - you are entitled to a second opinion. Consult another doctor preferably a periodontist - if both plans concur - then you know that there isn't any other option.

All the Best.
Posted 7 years ago