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Dental Fluorosis

User Level:
Posted by: luanbear  (9 years ago)
Hi everyone!

I have seen symptoms of fluorosis in my teeth and I want to get rid of it. I think I got this from bad drinking water. I thought it was only a tartar build up but the hygienist confirmed it is fluorosis. Does any one know of a permanent cure or treatment to get rid of fluorosis stains? Please let me know. Thanks a lot.
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Posted by: Manchy  (9 years ago)
Flourosis on adult teeth would by caused be excessive fluoride consumption (i.e drinking fluoridated water but using other fluoride supplements as well). That consumption has to be during the formation of adult teeth (before the age of 3 years old). If u live in UK, only two cities have fluoridated water (Birmingham and Newcastle).
So the question is r u sure there r fluorosis marks? it would be helpful if u can describe the colour of those and on which teeth they r present? Have u always had them or did they appear all of a sudden?
If these were fluorosis marks, then ur options for getting rid of them are as follow, starting from the least invasive procedure:
1. Micro abrasion
2. covering the areas with composite (tooth coloured fillings)
3. veneers
4. crowns
If there are stained (not white but brownish) then bleaching could be considered as an option.
User Level:
Posted by: luanbear  (9 years ago)
Thanks for your quick reply, Manchy! They are white spots (chalk-like). I see them on most of my teeth but they are more visible on the front teeth. I have been noticing them even before but I was not so bothered, then I observed that they are becoming more and more noticeable that is why I am very much concerned now.

User Level:
Posted by: blackhawk  (9 years ago)
I think yours is only a mild fluorosis case and can be treated by cosmetic whitening. You can have your dentist do it for you or you can use home treatments.