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Dental care tips:

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Dental Oral Health: Do you have that an unhealthy mounth, especially those with gum disease can aggravate existing heart problem. Freshness and hygiene of teeth and gums definitely determines your health and personality. Good oral health prevents your mouth from bad breath, and tooth decay and gum diseases.

Here are a few tips to keep your mounth fresh:

Daily preventive care including proper brushing and flossing will keep probles away.

Brush your teeth twice a day, especially in the night before sleep.

Use soft brush with smal head.

Ask the dentist about flossing and use floss at least once a week.

use a small interdental brush if you have gaps in between your teeth.

use tooth paste with fluoride.

Rise your mouth every time you eat or drink something.

Avoid junk food, sugar containing snacks.

Have food rich in fiber like fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Avoid consuming carbonated soft drinks and sodas

Above all visit dentist at least twice in every year.
Posted 9 years ago
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Well you should brush your teeth twice daily and avoid more cold and hot water. Check your teeth by endodontics in every 3 months.

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Posted 9 years ago
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Posted by: jimhassel  (9 years ago)
Thank you for the nice tips, those were quite effective in maintaining oral health and keeping a number of diseases at bay. If oral hygiene is not maintained a number of other ailments are experienced that may or may not be related to the mouth.
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Great job Dr. John Antony,
I want to add some more tips to keep your mouth fresh.
* Brush your teeth for atleast 2 minutes and do it slowly.
* You can use both electric and manual brush. Both types of brushes are good.
* Limit your coffee and tea if you do not want any stain on your teeth.
* Stop smoking because it can make your teeth yellow.
* You can use mouthwash but do not use it right after brushing your teeth. You can use mouthwash after lunch.
* Eat strawberries, oranges and pineapple or any kind of citrus fruit to get white teeth.
the simpletooth
family dentistry with purpose
Posted 9 years ago
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You need to keep them clean and stay untouched from such substances that can decay them.
Posted 9 years ago
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I think this tip is very helpful for us . please keep up it
And you take more information then come here

Posted 9 years ago