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Dental Calculus keeps coming back, what should I do?

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Posted by: armour  (11 years ago)
For about 8 years, I did not visit a dentist. I had a severe phobia. Then one of my teeth became extremely painful that I had no choice but to go to the dentist. This had been sorted out but I was also diagnosed of a gum disease. I had a lot of calculus behind the lower front teeth. The dentist had cleared this up with a deep cleaning. All the calculus were removed.I had gaps between visits. All I have left to get done is a wisdom tooth removal. However, in between my visits, the calculus keep coming back. He removed them again after my last visit, which was three months ago. Now it has returned again. I am doing everything right, like brushing with an electric toothbrush 3 times per day and flossing but it keeps coming back. I am so embarrassed. What will I do to remove them permanently? Thank you!
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Posted by: courtney  (11 years ago)
The best thing to do is to clean your teeth 3x a day and use floss at least 2 times a day most especially when you eat anything sweet. Drink plenty of water.
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Posted by: jameshan  (11 years ago)
Hi Armour,

Dental calculus or tartar is a form of hardened dental plaque. The only way to remove calculus is to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Attend to your cleaning visit based on a schedule recommended by your dental health care provider. Smoking and excessive drinking of hard alcohol can facilitate the accumulation of tartar. You may want to avoid these.
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Posted by: dentallab  (11 years ago)
Hello Armour,

When I was diagnosed with gingivitis, I had about three or four sessions with my dental hygienist to remove the hardened calculus from my teeth. I followed her oral care instructions and I religiously attended my regular dental check-ups and I am now healed. Have a chat with your dentist about your problem. He'll give you an oral care program to follow.

Best wishes!
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Posted by: santolan  (10 years ago)

Be patient in attending to your dental visit schedule. In time your calculus will be totally eliminated. Good oral hygiene is the key.
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well i have almost same problem i need a permanent solution.

Posted 10 years ago