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Dead bone and tissue on the extraction socket

User Level:
Posted by: berrypie  (9 years ago)
Dear everyone,

I had my first upper molar on the right side extracted nine months ago. It was a difficult and long procedure because one of the roots was too curved. Two days later, I had the worst pain. I took antibiotics and painkillers and I became fine.

One month later, while I was waiting for my bridge, my second upper right premolar broke in half. I was referred to an Endodontist to get a root canal for the tooth. After two days, I was in pain again. I was put on antibiotics for seven days. After another two days, the pain became worse. It was unbearable so I decided to have the tooth pulled. Three weeks after the extraction, the second molar on the upper right side started hurting also. I went to the oral surgeon again. He opened the socket up and he saw a lot of dead bone and tissue. He cleaned it out and I felt better.

Two weeks later, I was in pain again and the gum around my second molar swelled. It seems the tooth is abscessed. I will be seeing my dentist tomorrow. I am really worried that I will lose this tooth again. The upper right first molar tooth is also giving me slight pain now. Why would my teeth on the upper right side ache one after the other? Please advise!