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Crowns gone bad

User Level:
Posted by: rosegarden  (9 years ago)
Dear all,

I got two crowns put on two of my upper molars about a month ago. One crown was put on a chipped molar. The other one was put on a tooth that a root canal treatment through a large filling. Two days after I got the crowns, the one that was put on the root canal treated tooth came off. I called the dentist and he said not to worry about it and wait for the permanent crown to come in. The tooth was sore to touch, it was extremely sensitive and developed a throbbing pain.

When I got the permanent crowns, the throbbing pain in the roots of my teeth became intense and the sensitivity has not gone. The dentist told me that it would take time to settle down as the teeth were exposed. It was very painful week for me. I woke up one day with severe swelling on my face. The gum above the tooth with a root canal swelled as well and the tooth hurt so bad. The next day, I had a high fever and my face was
double the size I had. My dentist was not available on that day and so I went to another dentist. He took X-ray and said the tooth that had the root canal was abscessed. The only option I have is extraction since the tooth was badly infected. He put on antibiotics for two weeks.

Can you tell me what went wrong? As much as possible I don't want to lose this tooth. Should I go to another dentist and get a second opinion? Many thanks!
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Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)
Hello Rosegarden,

I am sorry to hear about your situation however the root canal treatment has failed and the only other option left would be to extract the tooth. Your tooth got an infection after the RCT and thus you developed swelling and fever. You should consult with the dentist who did all the work to give your some kind of break to get an implant since you spent money for a RCT and crown that failed.