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Crown without core build up

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Posted by: Qrosul  (9 years ago)
My tooth #3 broke off and the dentist prepped it for a crown. There was no root canal done. There seemed to be insufficient tooth structure remaining to retain the crown but the dentist did not suggest a core build-up. How often a crown is placed without a core build-up? I would like the best and the lasting solution for my tooth problem. Should I request for a core build-up? Please advise me! I have already paid for the crown. Thank you in advance.
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A core build-up is only necessary if the tooth is really badly broken down. Your dentist is correct to avoid this if possible, because it is a weak spot afterwards. Just think, the crown is cemented onto the core build-up, but what holds the core build-up onto the tooth? Usually just adhesive bonding. Sure, at times we have to do this otherwise the tooth would be unrestorable, but it's a weaker solution than a crown cemented straight onto the tooth. All a crown needs to be successful is a 2mm wide "collar" around the neck of the tooth, at gum level. We call it a ferrule, which is an engineering term. As long as there is at least 2mm of solid healthy tooth all around the gum line, then the crown will have enough "grip" on the tooth. It's the strongest way to do a crown.
Richard from
Posted 9 years ago