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Constant bleeding after a tooth extraction,please help!

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Posted by: heater  (10 years ago)
Dear Doctor,

I had my molar extracted today. After having it pulled out, it is constantly bleeding for hours now. I carried a pale of water to the bathroom and I noticed that there are lumps of blood coming out from where the tooth was pulled out. My mom said, I should have not carried anything heavy for this will cause severe bleeding. Is this true? What can I do to stop the bleeding? Should I just put a wet gauze on it? Please advise! I am starting to become worried.:-( Thanks a lot.
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Posted by: danny45694  (10 years ago)
I am no doctor but I would recommend you see one. Furthermore, applying pressure to the area might stop or lessen the bleeding. I wish you the best of luck.
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Posted by: hattrick11  (10 years ago)
I would have to agree, I would see or call my dentist right away. It's probably not uncommon to still bleed for a while, but you sure make it sound like it's quite alot.
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Posted by: bluewater  (10 years ago)
Yes, the gauze will help, put a pressure on it to stop the bleeding and call your dentist right away. The same thing happened to me. The dentist prescribed a medicine for the bleeding.
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Hello everyone!

Visiting a doctor is never a bad idea, but in this case you can try biting down on a clean swab.

Important is that you always swallow your saliva. People often make the mistake of holding the saliva in their mouth, which is not helpful. Because your saliva contains an enzyme that dissolves blood clots, the bleeding wont/cannot stop as long as you have it in your mouth.

If swallowing your saliva and clamping down on a swab doesn’t work, I would find a dentist to have a look!

All the best!
Liebe Grüße JB
Posted 10 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: heater  (10 years ago)
Thank you all for your great answers.