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Complications after tooth extraction

User Level:
Posted by: sweetgeorgina  (10 years ago)
Hi all!

I’m very desperate and I hope you can help me.

After about 12 years of not going to the dentist, I went in about a month ago to know if I am qualified for braces. The dentist said I needed them badly. He then began to work on my teeth. He put me on deep cleaning, he filled 5 of my teeth and he extracted a badly broken molar (upper right first molar). It healed without any problem.

After a few days, my second lower left molar started to hurt. I rang the dentist about this and he asked me to come in the next day. He said he got difficulty in filling this tooth.

After examining the tooth, he said I would need a root canal. I agreed and they started the procedure. I received 6 shots of the numbing medication, which hurt so much. I still feel every bit of pain while they're doing the root canal. After a few hours, the dentist said, the root nerves are complicated and he has to sent me to a specialist. I was sent home with agonizing pain.

After several days, I told the dentist that I would just want to have the tooth extracted instead of going through the root canal procedure. I got numbed and I did not feel any pain when he started working on my tooth. However, it was a difficult extraction and he snapped my jaw out of place for like half an inch. I was literally shrinking in pain. My jaw was very sore and I could not talk for hours after the procedure. I was sent home with gauze. He prescribed me some medication. When the numbing wore off, the pain was horrible, I was in tears. One week after the extraction, I saw a bone erupting from the extraction site. I was so scared and worried that the dentist may have missed a part of the root. I called him and he said it's not a big deal, the gums will heal over it. After a few more days, it started to poke up through my jaw. I couldn't eat anything except mashed potatoes.

Is it time to go to another dentist? I only want this pain to go away and get braces. I am on medication everyday but I still stayed in pain. I am sick of not being able to eat well. Please help me.:-(
User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (10 years ago)
Dear Sweetgeorgina, it is normal to experience pain post tooth extraction. I believe you might have had fused roots that is why your root canal treatment did not proceed successfully. If after a week you are still experiencing pain and discomfort you should go back to the dentist who operated on you and have them take a look. You may also seek a second opinion from another dentist. Please visit the dentist every year so you do not need to go through so many restorative procedures at once. It is very important to try to keep our natural teeth for as long as possible by taking time for good oral hygiene.
User Level:
Posted by: sweetgeorgina  (10 years ago)

Thanks for your great answer. I've been to the dentist who did the extraction. He took a look at the extraction site then he prescribed me stronger painkillers and antibiotics. I think I'm going to see another dentist for a second opinion.