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Chronic pain

User Level:
Posted by: Kesey1991  (9 years ago)
Hi there:-)

I had a filling done on tooth number 14. After a lot of issues with the filling, the tooth ended up dying. Had a root canal treatment done but it was not able to save the tooth. I then went to an oral surgeon to have it extracted. After two to three days, I ended up with dry socket. This has been taken care of after a few visits to the dentist to have the extraction site packed with medicated gauze.

After about a month, tooth number 15 had started to bother me. It was giving me extreme pain when I eat. I visited my regular dentist several times and he could not find anything wrong with my tooth. He then sent me to an endodontist to see if I needed a root canal on the tooth but the endodontist could not find anything wrong either. I also went to an oral surgeon but just like the other dentists, he could not find anything wrong also. I don't know what else to do. I could barely eat with all the pain. I also could not sleep well lately, I would wake up in the middle of the night because of the pain. Please help! Should I have the tooth pulled again? Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing the pain? Thanks so much!
User Level:
Posted by: mdhola  (9 years ago)
Your question is difficult to answer especially if three dentist when three dentist were not able to find a problem with #15!

So, by assuming that #15 is normal, there can be two possible reasons i can think of:

1) Pain from extraction site which is referring to nearby area.
2) Nerve injury during extraction can sometime cause Trigeminal Neuralgia, however chances are low and pain is particularly one side of face, electric shock kind of pain and usually episodic in nature.

certain complication of extraction like sharp bony spikes, damage to adjacent tooth, nerve injury, persistent infection, creation of gum pocket with adjacent tooth etc can be suspected reasons.

However, nature of pain, radiographs and clinical examination will definitely help your dentist to make correct diagnosis.