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Caries treatment on an incisor despite a retainer?

User Level:
Posted by: charles  (11 years ago)

I’m wearing a fixed retainer that will be taken out soon.

My problem is as follows: It is clear that I suffer from caries on the right #1 tooth. It hurts when I pass over it with dental floss (but only then). A few months ago I visited my “old” dentist (I would like to find a new one), who said that treatment is impossible because of the retainer. (A while back, the tooth had been drilled and filled with a plastic compound prior to orthodontic treatment.)

Once the retainer is removed, however, a wire retainer with be glued in (in addition to the vacuum-shaped retainer worn at night) and with that one in place, the tooth definitely can’t be treated.

To make a long story short, is it possible to treat the incisor with the retainer in place and would it be possible to get an appointment at your practice on short notice? If so, should I call tomorrow?!

Thank you very much for your answer!

By the way, my compliments to you for this forum – really a great service!

Best regards,

User Level:
Posted by: sadmehere  (10 years ago)

I also have a retainer and got a filling on my decayed upper molar without any problem. The part of the retainer which goes in between my teeth is right beside my filling. Two hours after the procedure, I put the retainer back on.