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Broken Tooth

User Level:
Posted by: daisylily  (10 years ago)
Dear Doctor!

I went to the dental hygienist for cleaning and check up about a year go. She told me I got a tooth that is cracked and/or broken. The tooth did not cause me any pain or discomfort so I left it at that because I am very much afraid of root canals. I have a good habit of taking good care of my teeth but I have a habit of grinding my teeth at night, which could have caused that tooth to break.

A few weeks later, I started to feel pain from the tooth so I decided to go to the dentist. He said my tooth was decayed. He performed a root canal and put in temporary filling. Everything went fine with it. After a few more days, I got the permanent filling in.

The permanent filling put me in a horrible pain. I had a massive sore on my gums below the tooth on the first day but it went away eventually. The tooth was extremely sensitive to biting down and I had sharp pain whenever something cold or hot touched it. Even the air was making it hurt. After several visits to the dentist to have my bite adjusted and have everything looked at, the problem was resolved.

I declined to get a crown because I thought I don't need it that much. However, over time the tooth with the filling has broken up, pieces coming out from time to time. The one side is sharp and my tongue is getting sore from rubbing against it. I've recently noticed that it has turned black at the top.Please help! Can I still get a crown for this tooth? If not, what other options I have to save it? I desperately want to have this fixed before I lose the tooth. I regret ignoring the crown before. I have been taking calcium supplements for the past 3 months to make my other teeth stronger. Thank you in advance.
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Posted by: ghnane  (10 years ago)
Dear Daisylily,

I am sorry to hear that you had discomfort associated with your root canal therapy. For your grinding habit you should wear night-guards to preserve your teeth and avoid chipping and breaking them. It would have been ideal if you opted for the crown, however it is hard to tell if you can still get a crown without examining your tooth and taking a radiograph. Your best option is to make an appointment at your dentist. Continue good oral health, use Fluoride containing mouth rinses and toothpaste to give the enamel on your teeth strength.