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Bridge, Implant or Braces?

User Level:
Posted by: enigma88  (9 years ago)
I went to the dentist due to the pain in my first molar. The dentist said it was infected. He advised me to see a root canal specialist. I had it root canalled and got a temporary crown put on. The tooth hurt with the temporary crown. The dentist said we‘d give it time to calm down. After about four months, I went back to the endodontist because the pain did not go away. He said he couldn’t do a retreatment because the tooth is already weak and this will only fracture it.

He asked me to see an oral surgeon. I asked the oral surgeon about getting a bridge to replace it. He said the bridge would compromise two healthy teeth. He suggested an implant or braces. With braces, my other teeth will be pulled together to fill in the extraction gap. What do I do? Which of the three (bridge, implant, braces) will I get to fill the gap? Thanks for any input.
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Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)
Hello. In your situation depending on your funds the best choice would be having an implant replace that molar instead of bridge or braces. Braces will take some time to move your teeth without causing any damage to the bone. You will also have to walk around with wires in your mouth if we look from the appearance point of view. I do not recommend a bride since they have higher failure rate than implants and if it fails you would end up with a gap and two compromised teeth. I hope this helps.