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Bad toothache, how can I stop it?

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Posted by: nyeamg75  (11 years ago)
My tooth is really aching today. The dentist told me he cannot have it pulled yet because there is a pus in it and it's swollen. I have to take antibiotic for seven days. What can I do to ease the pain? Please help.
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Posted by: Cathy78  (11 years ago)
You can use a toothpaste intended for sensitive teeth and gums. You can also take some medicine to help ease the pain.
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Posted by: ABrowneRDH  (11 years ago)
Did your dentist also prescribe a pain medication to ease you through healing? If that option is available, I would call your dentist and ask for a prescription for a pain medication, such as Motrin or Tylenol 3. Some dentists will prescribe heavier pain medications, such as Lorcet or Percocet, but it isn't as common. Another option for pain relief, albeit temporary, is to use maximum strength Anbesol or Orajel. That is a 20% Benzocaine topical anesthetic (what dentists commonly use priority to giving a local injection). Be careful not to overuse the topical anesthetic because it is possible to overdose. The biggest tip of advise is to follow a strict schedule with your antibiotics so that you do not miss a dose and each dose is being delivered at about the same interval of time. If things are not clear within 7-10 days, return for additional medication. As much as it pains you now, you'll appreciate the dentist for waiting to pull your tooth. Local anesthesia isn't nearly as effective in the presence of infection as it is in healthy tissue--- and we definitely don't want you to have to feel one bit of that extraction-- Ouch! Good luck!
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Posted by: nyeamg75  (11 years ago)
Thanks Cathy and ABrowneRDH for your replies.

I am taking up Tylenol for the pain. The dentist did tell me that the anesthesia will be ineffective with the infection so I have to wait for it to be totally healed before we can go on with the procedure.
User Level:
Posted by: pictaker  (11 years ago)
Hi everyone,

I once had a severe toothache and none of the painkillers helped, What I did is, I swished with salt water and it made me feel better. It only lasts for an hour though but once the pain starts to kick in, you can repeat the procedure.
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Posted by: bailey  (10 years ago)

Gently floss around the affected tooth. After flossing, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water with salt. Take pain relief medicines.