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At home teeth whitening

User Level:
Posted by: cornellcrewer  (9 years ago)
Hey y'all. I had braces for 2 years and during that time i developed some pretty nasty yellow spots despite my constant brushing and mouth rinse routine. I was wondering if there were any at home remedies i could use to get rid of the spots before i went to professional whitening...
User Level:
Posted by: whiteteeth  (9 years ago)

You can try whitening strips or whitening toothpaste. I also had yellow teeth after braces and they really worked for me. I've heard about baking soda but I haven't tried yet. Anyone who have tried it?
User Level:
Posted by: atomicbomb  (9 years ago)

I've been using baking soda to whiten my teeth. Dip your toothbrush into the baking soda and then brush your teeth for 2 minutes then rinse your mouth with water. I do this once a week.