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Arestin FDA guidelines for use

User Level:
Posted by: beeline2  (10 years ago)
Arestin and my mouth: I've had root planing before, but this particular cleaning checkup I let my maintenance habits go down, by drinking sugary sodas for 3 weeks prior and little flossing. By the time I went in for dental cleaning, my gums were bleeding and the hygenist(who has done my SRP before and never recommended Arestin before) wanted to administer 7 packets of Arestin in nearly all my back molars area at $65 a pop--$455. Having done all the reading on Arestin before and not being impressed by what I read, especially in relation to cost and results that approach insignificant statistical results, I put her off for 2 weeks as I truthfully told her that I needed to quit my sugar soda energy drink kick that I had been on. I have some 5mm and 6mm pockets with bleeding. But I figure if I quit the sugary soda, floss for a while the bleeding will be gone and when I go back to the hygenist and go back in 2 weeks, then the FDA protocol for administering Arestin (5mm pockets and bleeding) will be significantly abated since my gum state had peaked in ill-health due to my habits which are transitory but the infection abates by my proper diet and care. When I see the hygenist again in 2 weeks, I will ask her to reevaluate and perhaps only use half or less of the Arestin packets. Question: What are your thoughts? and Are there options for a oral pill antibiotic prescription as an alternative to this OraPharm Arestin Goldmine at my expense! I have a very low opinion as this faux silver bullet is used by the dental profession to gouge me.
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Posted by: whitesugar  (10 years ago)
My sister who has 6mm pocket, without bleeding, tried Arestin. After a year, nothing has changed, it is still a 6mm pocket without bleeding). Since this is a little bit costly, you may want to try only on half of the sites and wait a few months to compare results.
User Level:
Posted by: xoxolady  (10 years ago)

My husband has a 7mm and two 5mm pockets, all are non-bleeding. The hygienist wanted to do scaling and place Arestin in all of the pockets. I think the treatment is more about money so I asked him to go to another hygienist. He did and the new hygienist suggested a routine cleaning, no SRP or Arestin. My brother had a few 5mm pockets , which were bleeding, they were reduced to 3mm with a regular cleaning and rinsing with Chlorhexidine.