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Amalgam filling…

User Level:
Posted by: jesusa  (10 years ago)

Thank you very much for your quick answer – it’s really great that you provide online information and help.

I already saw a different dentist this morning. He said that the work looks good upon initial inspection. However, he said he wouldn’t have used amalgam either and that a different approach could have been chosen.

The new doctor said that I could basically leave the amalgam in my mouth since it’s still the #1 filling material in the world and that I should simply have my tooth polished and wait a while to see how I like it. Apart from that, he suggested visiting my dentist once more (or the “new one”). I thought that everything I heard in the consultation sounded pretty good.

So I went for a polishing (at my dentist’s practice), and I raised the issue with my dentist (i.e., about the possibility of removing the amalgam and what other alternatives there may be).

He told me that of course, I could take it out after a while, but that the walls of the tooth were affected so severely that they are now very thin. Furthermore, the hole was very deep and he could only offer a crown as an alternative.

So here’s my question: How do I get rid of this thing in the fastest way?! I really feel uncomfortable with it and I have the feeling that my body is not happy with it (I could hardly sleep last night because of nausea and headache).

Thank you very much in advance


P.S.: I am 23 and simply have no experience with this because of the fact that these are my first cavities.
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Posted by: jesusa  (10 years ago)

I was at the dentist a short while ago because a piece of my rear molar broke off. My dentist drilled into my tooth and filled it with amalgam.

I’ve done a bit of research in the forums and found out that I now have “poison” in my mouth.

Since this is my first cavity (I’m still pretty young, but my baby teeth have already fallen out), I am now concerned that I have something “inferior” in my mouth.

I asked my dentist if he could use plastic or a similar material (for the purpose of aesthetics, etc.), but he said that he would rather work with amalgam in this case because it’s more durable and the hole was pretty deep. He was afraid that a plastic compound would not stick properly or would break down.

Now I want to know if I have a good filling in my mouth and shouldn’t be concerned or if I will have to walk around every day knowing that I have something terrible in my mouth that everybody advises against.

I would appreciate an answer since I’m somewhat unsure about this.
User Level:
Posted by: jesusa  (10 years ago)

Thank you very much for your answers. Getting your opinion (that of a different dentist) has calmed me down a lot!

I will wait and see if I get used to it over the weekend. If I don’t get used to it, I’ll simply go and see the dentist!

Kind regards,